Ankle Ligament Surgery Repair Testimonial

    ankle ligament tornAnkle ligament Surgery repair success story Testimonial

    Joseph M came to my office last year with an old ankle injury. He used to be an avid runner ankle ligament tendon recon2and loved it. He would run 3 marathons a year. Until one day he stepped off a curb and felt a pop in the ankle. Joseph went on through his day and thought the pain would resolve. He got home and the ankle was swollen and purple. It took a few months till it felt right, however when he played basketball or tried running he said it just did not feel right. It felt unstable. After a while it was constantly  getting sprained again. He always needed to run and walk with an ankle brace and it was frustrating for him.

    Joseph came to my office. A thorough physical exam was performed including X rays and an MRI. He exhibited classic signs of lateral ankle instability. He had a positive anterior draw sign. On his stress inversion X ray the ankle mortise opened up and on MRI it showed a torn anterior talo fibular ligament and a torn calcaneo fibular ligament.  Joseph was given a few options and tried some physical therapy. While that helped some he still didn’t feel the stability he wanted in his ankle

    Ankle ligament Surgery repair success story Testimonial

    Joseph chose to undergo an ankle ligament repair surgery. There are multiple ways to repair torn ankle ligaments. Joseph underwent a tendon grafting procedure where a tendon was anchored into the talus , fibula and calcaneus bone via a biotenodesis technique.  He was off the ankle on crutches and had a full recover 3 months later .

    It is now 2 years later and Joseph came in to tell me ” My ankle has never felt this good, I have not sprained it since the surgery”. ” My ankle feels so stable and strong, Thank you Dr Wrotslavsky”

    If you have an ankle that feels unstable or you are constantly spraining and straining your ankle, come in for an evaluation.


    ankle ligament repair

    ankle ligament repair