Bone Spur

Do I Have a Bone Spur?

A spur is a bony growth that occurs on a bone as the body tries to “heal” repeated stress and pressure in that area, such as near an overworked joint. They are not inherently painful, but they can cause tissue damage or pain in the areas surrounding them, especially if they occur near nerves or tendons. If you are experiencing pain in a “bony” area of your foot and unusual calluses or corns, this may mean that a spur is present. Reach out to us and we will be able to use X-ray diagnosis to determine if a spur is present or if another problem is causing your foot pain. Self-diagnosis can be dangerous, as there are several other foot conditions that may be the true cause or contributing to the spur that your foot doctor can properly identify.

What are My Treatment Options?

Once diagnosed by your foot care professional, foot pain from bone spurs that are aggravating surrounding tissues, ligaments and tendons can be mitigated with the use of medical devices such as orthotic inserts and heel cups. Surgery is generally not necessary unless severe deformity or damage is present due to the spur’s presence. Treating contributing factors, such as plantar fasciitis in foot cases, can also help alleviate symptoms through procedures such as deep tissue massage or ultrasounds.

How Can I Avoid Spurs?

Spurs on foot bones generally appear in response to repeated stress, so ensuring that your shoes are properly fitted and cushioned is an excellent way to combat their growth. Stretching before physical activity and gradually warming up to more energetic pursuits such as running or dancing will also help your body stay “in step” and prepare your bones and joints for a workout.