It is Not a Neuroma

If you have been pursuing treatment for neuroma, you may not be receiving the results you were expecting. You may have been through extensive treatment routes already, including injections in the foot, arduous physical therapy and even special orthotics for your shoes with no alleviation of symptoms. There may be a very simple reason that you continue to suffer foot pain in the front of your foot: you don’t have neuroma. If you have followed treatment for this condition for a long period of time – 6 months or more – without relief, it’s time to ask your podiatrist about your foot. A re-diagnosis could put you on the path to a better quality of life in a single appointment. Here are some of the other conditions that may cause the pain you are currently experiencing in your forefoot:


The ligaments that surround a pair of bones, especially around the joint, can become irritated and inflamed by stress or weight-bearing in the foot. When this happens, the inflamed tissue rubs against a nerve, causing pain that mimics that of neuroma, and can lead to an incorrect diagnosis. A licensed podiatrist can examine you and determine if this condition is to blame for your painful foot.

Intermetatarsal Bursitis

Between particularly active joints of the body, special lubricant-filled sac structures called bursas help bones work smoothly with one another. However, pressure, age and physical stress or injury can compromise these structures, leading to inflammation and pain. The long bones in your toes (metatarsals) are used with every step you take, and are a prime example of where bursitis can occur.

Remember, while researching your medical condition is important, there’s no substitute for the knowledge and experience of a licensed podiatrist. If you are experiencing foot pain that you suspect is not neuroma, make an appointment today.