Toenail Fungus

Causes and Cures for Fungal Nail Infection

While there are multiple causes for nail infections, the most common reason an infection develops is a nail fungus. Fungal nail infections affect around 12% of all Americans and occurs much more frequently on the toenails than fingernails. The scientific name for these infections is Onychomycosis, and the tendency for the infection tends to run in families–meaning not everyone is susceptible.

There are two types of fungi that often cause a fungal nail infection–dermatophytes and Candida (yeast). The less-severe cases may be treated with antifungal cream or other topical treatments, the worst cases of nail plate infection require oral medicine for treatment. Some of the commonly prescribed oral solutions include Itraconazole, Terbinafine and Fluconazole.

Here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Center of San Diego, we offer scientifically proven fungal nail treatment. Over the years, we have treated over a thousand patients for this condition. View some pictures below of a patient who was successfully treated for fungal nail infection and our center. If you are facing the same problem, call or email us to talk about the options available to you or to purchase our unique treatment formula. We want to help you clear up that infection of the nail and enjoy feet that look as good as they feel.

Fungal nails