Intoeing is a type of torsional deformity which may stem from problems with the foot, leg, hip or combination of all three. It means that your feet turn inward instead of facing straight–especially when walking or running. It is commonly found in children of all ages.

There are many possible causes of intoeing. The first step of to determining the cause is to figure out where it is stemming from. The three most common causes are: a curved foot (metatarsus adductus), twisted shin (tibia torsion) and a twisted thigh bone (increased femoral anteversion). All three of these causes tend to run in families, so looking at what issues exist in family members may be important. However, it is possible for intoeing to occur as a result of other orthopaedic problems.

Since these problems are often genetic, it is often not possible to do anything to prevent intoeing from occurring. There are treatment options available. Some treatment plans including serial casting, stretching and custom orthotics. Only after a full evaluation will the doctor know where the issue is stemming from and the best way to treat it. Call or contact usand let one of our experts evaluate the situation today.