Cartiva For Hallux Rigidus

    Cartiva for Hallux Rigidus

    Patients suffering with a stiff and painful big toe joint ( Hallux Limitus or Hallux Rigidus, Osteoarthritis of the big toe 1st MPJ)  now have a great option to get their life back. Cartiva is an implant that is changing how surgeons approach foot surgery. It is a joint sparing implant. That means unlike a fusion where one can not move the toe again cartiva allows for increased motion and no more pain. Cartiva is the only implant with level one studies showing increased motion , decreased pain and functional improvement. I have been using this implant in my practice and am amazed by the satisfaction of my patients. I have been doing Hallux limitus and hallux rigidus surgery for over 15 years. In my experience this implant when used for the proper indications is one of the best out on the market.

    Cartiva does not Burn Bridges

    The other implant solutions on the market have certain downsides. Most of them burn bridges. What i mean by that is if you fuse the toe then is does not move again- bridge burned. If you put in a metallic implant then you have to remove a lot of bone to get it in, if it fails and it needs to be removed your stuck with a short toe- bridge burned. Cheilectomies do not seem to accomplish much. I have hundreds of patients that come into my practice yearly that had a cheilectomy done and the pain came back within 9 months.

    Cartiva is the solution

    Cartiva is made of a organic polymer that mimics cartilage. You get back the missing motion. You can immediately weight bear on the toe after the surgery. once the incision heals you can get back into your shoes. For my patients the recovery time for cartiva is much faster than any other big toe surgery. It is a great option for treating osteoarthritis of the big toe.

    An x ray with a physical exam of the toe is always necessary to properly diagnose and to see if Cartiva is right for you . Make an appointment today