Ankle Fracture Treatment

What Is an Ankle Fracture?

The ankle joint refers to the area where three bones meet: the fibula and tibia of the lower leg with the talus of the foot. If any of these bones breaks or fractures, this is called a broken ankle, or an ankle fracture. This injury has become more commonplace over the last 30 years with the increasing activity levels of the Baby Boomer generation. Common causes of ankle breaks include falls, car accidents, rolling or twisting the joint, walking on an uneven surface, or other trauma. Dr Wrotslavsky utilizes a minimal incision approach that allows for weight bearing as early as 5 days after the surgery.

Anatomy of the Ankle

What Are the Symptoms of an Ankle Fracture?

Since an ankle sprain can mimic or mask broken ankle symptoms, any injury to the area should be evaluated by a skilled podiatrist such as Dr. Wrotslavsky. Ankle fracture symptoms include:

* Severe pain
* Swelling
* Bruising
* Tenderness
* Inability to put weight on the injured leg
* Deformity

How Is an Ankle Fracture Diagnosed?

How Are Ankle Fractures Treated?

The treatment plan is customized to each individuals’ condition. A stable fracture is treated with a leg brace or cast. However, if a bone fragment has broken loose, or if ligaments are torn, then surgery may be required to reposition the bones for proper healing. Recovery typically takes six weeks or more. Additional X-rays are often taken to ensure that the bones remain in their correct positions during the healing process, and rehabilitation therapy is often prescribed to strengthen the joint. Children are advised to return for regular checkups for up to two years to ensure that growth occurs evenly and smoothly.

Dr. Wrotslavsky has extensive experience and skill at treating ankle fractures. For a prompt, personalized consultation, call 888-451-3770 today!