Now that you have seen the jublia super bowl advertisement, your wondering is this for me. Do you have thickened toenails are they discoloured yellow and crumbly. Are they so thick they are ingrowing and painful

    in your shoes because they can not fit in. How about are they so thick that you can not cut them your self. You may have toenail fungus. The medical term for this is called onychomycosis. Nail fungus is not just a cosmetic problem of unsightly nails. There is risk of the fungus invading your skin and becoming a painful itching condition called athletes foot.  I have seen many times the fungus weakening skin structures and allowing it to become a mixed fungal and bacterial infection, thus requiring antibiotics. Diabetic patients have to be extra carfull. There have been published studies of diabetic feet that have fungal nails have an increased risk of foot ulcers and amputations. I remember  years ago the first time I saw this a patient with diabetes and a fungal nail lost his toe. He had a very thick nail that punctured his skin around his nail ever so slightly. This allowed for bacteria to invade his toe. He had a loss of sensation in his foot so he did not feel the pain of an infection that one usually feels. He came into the emergency room when it was too late and had advanced gangrene and needed his toe to be amputated. This is an everyday occurrence. Don’t be a victim of fungal nails and onychomycosis.  Today there are many treatments available such as pills (terbinafine 250mg) nail lacquers and solutions such as Jublia. These medicines do work. Find out what is right for you.  Get back your pretty nails again and don’t be embarrassed to wear open toe shoes and sandals. Feel the freedom of letting your toes out into the open.