San Diego Chargers foot and ankle injury report for AFC divisional game Chargers Vs. Denver

    San Diego Chargers foot and ankle injury report for AFC divisional game Chargers Vs. Denver. Here comes the big AFC divisional playoff game this Sunday San Diego Chargers Vs. Denver Broncos in Denver. The Chargers have four players with ankle injuries and one with a toe injury. Unfortunately we don’t know what exactly is injured because ankle injuries can take on many forms as well with the toe. You can have a sprain a strain or a partial tear or a total tear. The ankle is supported by multiple ligaments all around the ankle as well as going up the leg there are ligaments supporting the ankle. Ryan Mathews , D.J. Fluker, Kendel Reyes and King Dunlap have the ankle injuries and Eddie Royal is listed with a toe injury. The current rehab allows players to play with the injury however their practice time is limited. Ryan Mathews has not practiced yet this week which is worrisome as to weather he will be able to play Sunday. The others participated in limited practice today.

    The concern with playing on an injured ankle is as follows. A sprain can turn into a tear. Besides the pain involved the player can not run and cut at full speed as they are used to. One has to consider long term you can create lateral ankle instability, where you always feel your ankle going out on you. If that is the case there are some braces that can be worn to stabilize the ankle but they do not work well while playing. If ones ankle is unstable then surgery is a viable option to correct the instability. One common procedure that I perform is the modified brodstrum procedure to tighten down the outside ligaments of the ankle. there are some great instrumentation that allow this procedure to be done with minimal incision and 4-6 week recovery time.

    Feel free to email me with any questions of you feel you are a candidate for this procedure.