Accelerated Fracture Healing

What Is Accelerated Fracture Healing?

This innovative technology, the EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System, is the only device approved by the FDA to speed up healing of bone fractures. As a result, patients can remove their casts and resume normal activities up to one month sooner than with traditional bone healing methods.

This technique offers patients several benefits:

* Heals fresh fractures 38% faster than traditional methods
* Heals 86% of non-unions (fractures that will not heal with traditional methods)
* Leads to cast removal 22% sooner than traditional methods
* Is effective with 20 minutes of treatment each day
* Is the only bone stimulation device to use ultrasound

How Does Accelerated Fracture Healing Work?

This specialized ultrasound device is applied to the skin, just above the fracture site, for 20 minutes a day. The low-intensity pulsed ultrasound signal stimulates the natural production of growth factors and other healing agents within the body. This causes the broken bone to heal faster than it would otherwise. The ultrasound waves have no side effects on the skin and soft tissue; the device specifically targets the bone fracture.

The EXOGEN ultrasound treatment is designed to be used at home after proper training, and it can fit into anyone’s schedule. No doctor visits are required for treatment.

Dr. Wrotslavsky has helped many patients recover from a broken bone more quickly and effectively with accelerated fracture healing. For a personalized consultation, call 888-451-3770 today!