Richie Brace

What is a Richie Brace?

If you have a condition known as “foot drop” that limits your ability to have a smooth, even gait, you are likely curious about ways to mitigate the effect and restore your gait. One option that has proven to be extremely effective and comfortable patients with this type of limited mobility is called a Richie Brace, named after a podiatrist specializing in sports podiatry named Dr. Doug Richie. This unique brace is fitted to the patient’s unique leg measurements and supports the hind foot for better control and compensation for the weak forefoot, resulting in a step that looks and feels natural.

How Do I Know if I Need One?

This first step towards using one of these specialized foot and ankle braces is making an appointment with your podiatrist. Your doctor will be able to not only diagnose your foot problems accurately, he or she can also determine if this brace or another like it is an appropriate option, given your particular medical case. The use of specialized braces without a proper diagnosis and fitting from a podiatrist may actually make a foot problem worse, so be sure to make the right choice for your foot health and consult a professional. This type of foot brace is personalized to the wearer and using the wrong size will not produce optimum results.

What Can This Device Do for Me?

Use of a properly fitted Richie brace will help your gait become more even and steady. This provides numerous health benefits for your entire body such as removing compensatory muscle and tendon strain in the foot and leg.

Notice how his foot comes up with the brace and how his speed increases due to better stability.