Total Ankle Replacement

Total  ankle replacement x ray

Total ankle replacement x ray

San Diego Total ankle replacements are the latest surgical technique available for ankle arthritis.San diego ankle replacement surgery. No more needing ankle fusions and stiff painful ankle joints with the newest generation of ankle implants you are able to go back to pain free motion of the ankle and resume activities you always wanted to do. The procedure involves opening the ankle joint and removing the diseased remaining cartilage and at that time if there if there is a deformity present such as an ankle Valgus or Varus or a Procruvatum or recruvatum of the ankle those deformities are removed. The incision is closed and you are placed in a splint and you start physical therapy within a week and then slowly get back to full activity.

have you been told there is nothing to do for your painful ankle but fuse it. There are alternatives such as ankle joint distractions, injection of synvisc or supartz. Also you may be a candidate for a ankle joint replacement surgery. here at the Advanced Foot and Ankle Center of San Diego we have a long history of successful joint replacement surgeries from Joint replacements of the big toe or otherwise known as the first metatarsal phalangeal joint to second metatarsal phalangeal joints to ankle joint replacements. Our  board certified fellowship trained surgeons are specially trained in these surgeries to give optimal results with minimal side effects. These surgeries are covered by most insurances and can be done with a one night stay in the hospital. Ankle replacement surgery has gone through 3 generations of implants. The current implants have been shown to last greater than 20 years which are comparable to the current knee implants . We invite you to come in for a consultation to see if this is the correct procedure for you . Or Email the doctor at