Cartilage Repair Painful Big Toe And Ankle

    Are you experiencing

    • Big Toe or Ankle Joint Pain?
    • Stiffness or Reduced range of motion?
    • Increased pain during cold, damp weather
    • Difficulty moving the big toe up and down?
    • Inflammation and swelling around the joint, especially the top?
    • Pain that worsens with an increase in activity?
    • Increased difficulty bending the toe?
    • Inability to feel comfortable in shoes, particularly high heels for women?
    • Pain and stiffness in the joint at the base of the big toe when walking, standing or bending?
    • Have you been told you need a fusion or toe surgery?

    Subchondral Solutions S-Core® is novel device to restore the joint back to its original function and allow you to get back to your normal activity faster.

    All Joints Are Not Created Equal

    The S-Core® Platform utilizes a simple reproducible minimally invasive solution for a multitude of different joints including but not limited to the knee, ankle, toes, hand, wrist, shoulder, and elbow. The extremely strong time zero fixation allows you to return to normal activity in a fraction of the time compared to other procedures. Early range of motion has been shown to increase circulation, reduce stiffness, reduce swelling and reduce healing time.

    The Procedure

    Your joints are constantly in use and are often under a level of stress that can lead to pain from over-use and/or injury.

    Over time stress can cause damage to the bone surrounding the injury. Think of this bone damage like a pothole in the road. If you delay fixing It the pothole will grow wider and deeper. When one has Cartilage damage such as an Osteochondral defect of the talus or head of the first metatarsal, the underlying bone disease needs to be addressed in order to repair the cartilage.

    The S-Core® Procedure has been designed to reconstruct the foundation of the joint and repair fractures in the bone to help reduce or eliminate the pain and to return the joint to its bio-mechanical function. Similar to fixing a pothole. This allows for the cartilage graft over it to work.

    Depending on the joint, the S-Core® implant can be used in both minimally invasive “arthroscopic” and open incisional procedures. The surgery takes 15-20 minutes and patients go home the same day.

    The S-Core® implant has a multitude of unique features making it unlike anything on the market.

    -Fenestrated: Allows for optimal blood flow through the implant supporting the bodies healing potential.

    -Chambered: Minimal bone removal preserves pedicel of bone for additional surface area.

    -Hydroxyapatite Coated: Improves Osteointegration.

    The combination of these features and others stabilize the subchondral bone mechanically like rebar for concrete and the hydroxyapatite coating allows for the formation of new cartilage to grow over top.


    Patients typically delay or even avoid surgery due to the lengthy recovery time even when the pain persists. Delaying surgery will delay your recovery. Surgical procedures using S-Core® may help to reduce recovery time.

    You are not alone. Big Toe Pain affects over 54% of people age 50 or older in the US annually. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Wrotslavsky today.

    — At Advanced Foot & Ankle Center of San Diego, your team of highly experienced joint-care experts will help find your best path forward, whether that involves advanced pain-management therapies or leading-edge joint replacement as well as Cartilage repair.

    S-Core subchondral solutions osteochondral defect cartilage repair
    S-Core subchondral solutions osteochondral defect cartilage repair