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The Cost of Custom Orthotics

    The Cost of Painless Walking is $2 A friend and I were discussing orthotics the other day and we were talking about the price of custom orthotics. Especially in today’s economy with every subsequent article talking about rising inflation rates, the negative performance of the stock market, and an ever-increasing risk of recession that may

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    Store Purchased Orthotics vs Custom

      Retail vs Custom Orthotics At their core, orthotics are devices that are placed in shoes to change how your feet meet the ground during weight-bearing. There are many different modifications that can be added and many different materials that are used to make a pair of orthotics for different purposes. As a result of this

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      3D Scanners and Custom Orthotics

        Traditionally custom orthotics were made using a plaster slipper cast technique. This involved using wet plaster to mold the shape of a person’s foot and then using the mold (slipper cast) to create a replica of the patient’s foot which was then used to make the orthotic. As time went on, the Foam Box technique

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