Mobilegs Ergonomic crutches

    It’s time to change the way we think of traditional crutches. In this day and age injuries that require crutches have to be re-imagined for patient care, compliance, comfort level and safety. We welcome Mobilegs – Ergonomic Crutches that deliver comfort and stability. The unique design, comfortable feel and spring assisted performance is what sets this crutch apart from the rest.

    Standing with Mobilegs

    The handgrips face the rear side and point towards the outward position. The bend located in the shaft will be facing to the front and flows with the natural curves of the hips which is slightly away from the hips.

    The tripod position is the position you start to walk in using Mobilelegs. To begin in this position, you place the crutches to the front side of each foot about 4” to 6” inches away. Then stand on the better foot, placing most of your weight on the better foot. It is going to be a little bit of process, doing this for the first time. As with learning anything, but once done, you will see what a breeze; and how successful it is to walk using the spring-assisted crutches by Mobilegs.

    Here at the Advanced Foot And Ankle Center Of San Diego we have been giving our patients Mobilegs for use for injuries such as fractures and bad sprains as well as for use after surgeries that require being off their feet for a few weeks. Our patients have loved the ease of use and the ability for them to be able to get around and continue their life as normal.  They are impressed with the comfort and ease of use as well as less soreness in their arms and shoulders that people usually get with conventional crutches. At our center we care about every little detail to help in your recovery all the way down to the crutches.