TrueLok Masters Club

    TrueLok Masters Club Boston July 2017

    Trulok Masters Club update

    It was an amazing weekend of top notch education at the truelok masters club in Boston. I am continued to be amazed that a corporate sponsored event can give a higher level of education than many CME events available. It began on a solemn note with a dedication to Dr Scott Denisar. Dr Denisar passed away at a young age of 39. He was dedicated to the field of foot and ankle surgery. As well as education in treatment of various foot and ankle diseases. A beautiful plaque was presented by Scott Day of Orthofix in memory of Dr Denisar. It is a breath of fresh air to see the human side of a corporation and how Orthofix went the extra mile to keep Dr Denisar’s memory alive. Kudos to Scott Day and the whole Orthofix team.

    The Masters club  focused this time on surgical complications. There was much learned and some great heated discussions as to how to scientifically define and manage complications. A big hand of applause to all the surgeons who had the courage to present their difficult complications. We all learnt from each others mistakes so that we do not have to repeat them.  Charcot foot and ankle continues to take a front and center stage in these conferences as well as plastic surgery approaches to the disease with the use of flaps and frames.  There was an excellent sprinkling in of pediatric surgery . With a great discussion on bone regenerate issues. External fixation still is the accepted best treatment for most charcot foot and ankle cases. However one must realize that charcot foot is a different biological process than Charcot ankle. Beaming of the foot is the future of correcting charcot foot. As well there are some new nano metals and cages that are coming into play that can have significant impact in treating charcot foot and ankle.

    Looking forward to the next Truelok Masters club in San Francisco, with a focus on deformity analysis and correction.