Foot Infection Antibiotic discussion Kimyrsa

    Next up is KIMYRSA. KIMYRSA is a new IV antibiotic with similar uses as Dalvance: treating acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections with antibacterial properties against a similar spectrum of aerobic Gram-positive bacteria. It is the second generation of this specific antibiotic, the first being Orbactiv. It is from the same family of antibiotics as Vancomycin , however it has a significantly better safety profile and does not require and IV hanging out of your arm/

    Why I Like it:

    1. Three Mechanisms of Action vs One: KIMYRSA is a lipoglycopeptide that acts in 3 different ways to kill bacteria. For those of you who are interested in more specifics, here is a video off their website that explains it.
    2. 1 Dose for 14 days of treatment: Like Dalvance, KIMYRSA also requires only 1 dose for 14 days of treatment. The benefits of which I discuss in the previous post (hyperlink to Dalvance post).
    3. Minimal Risk to Kidneys: One of the risks of long-term antibiotics, especially in cases of chronic/recurring infection and complex systemic infections with multiple sources where multiple antibiotics or rounds of antibiotics are required, is developing acute kidney injury (AKI). However, from the research that has been performed to date, KIMYRSA is not metabolized in the liver or kidneys but is instead excreted unchanged in urine and feces over time. As such, it does not need to be dose adjusted for renal impairment because it does not involve the kidneys at all, minimizing risk of developing AKI with use. In at risk patients or patients with chronic kidney disease, this is a very promising option.

    As I discussed in a previous post, antibiotics are complicated. Not every antibiotic is ideal for every patient’s particular circumstances. But, for the right patient, I’m excited about KIMYRSA and what it can offer for treatment for patients.

    *I have no financial interest in Melinta Therapeutics

    Written by Dr. Gavin Tsuchida

    Dr. Tsuchida recently moved to San Diego from New York and is enjoying the beach and hiking when he’s not providing thoughtful, personalized care for his patients.