Bunion Surgery advancements

    bunion anim2Bunion Surgery advancements today are summed up as follows , can the surgeon make the incision (cut in the foot) smaller. There are many ways to perform bunion surgery. A misconception that many of my patients have when they come in for a second opinion is they were offered “just to shave the bump”. I am sorry to break the news to you but the bump is not the source of the bunion. If you just shave the bump off  you will see it return within a year or so. The bump comes from the bone sticking out . If you do not address the underlying deformity then you will be left with the same problem. Too many times patients have come to me , having had surgery from other podiatrists and foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons here in San Diego complaining that  their bunion returned. You may me very frustrated after investing time and money into correcting your bunion just to find out that a band aid approach was taken to correct yours.

    The bunion surgery advancements that I have incorporated uses the most exact digital measuring system with a tiny 5 millimeter cut to address the boney deformity. These master techniques have bought patients back to have the other foot done right away.

    This unique procedure has become so popular that the Advanced Foot and Ankle Center of San Diego has become a destination point for medical tourism from places such as Vancouver, Canada ,  Mexico City and Tijuana.

    Using Digital Radiography to analyze the foot and all the bone positions. With specific attention to every millimeter of correction and re- aligning the bones in the foot I can get a pain free functioning foot with no more bunion pain.

    The beauty of the procedure is that one  has minimal pain after the procedure. This is important so that you wont need narcotics for pain after the surgery.

    For those traveling in from out of the United states, we offer video and online evaluations to help answer your questions.

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