Expert witness testimonials foot ankle

    Expert witness testimonials foot and ankle.

    Knowing that your expert witness is knowledgeable  in their field of training will give you the best chance of winning your case. Experience with depositions and report writing as well as courtroom testimony is what you get with Dr Philip Wrotslavsky. Dr Wrotslavsky is a Board certified foot and ankle Surgeon and fellowship trained in limb lengthening foot and ankle surgical reconstruction. He has 10 years of providing expert witness testimony for plaintiff and defense in the areas of personal injury , workman’s comp, employee law and malpractice relating to the foot and ankle.

    Expert witness testimonials

    Lawyer testimonial

    “Dr Wrotslavsky’s expert opinion enabled us to develop a strategy that ultimately gave us a great settlement for our client. His knowledge of  foot and ankle medicine and surgery was outstanding and won us the case”.  RL San Diego

    “Dr Wrotslavsky’s deposition and testimony was clear and he made the medical part easy to understand and was able to back up his statements with peer reviewed published articles. He made a great expert witness for the ankle case that we had”  SZ Irvine

    Defense testimonial

    “I did not think we had much of a defense in the personal injury case for my client. We found Dr Wrotslavsky and he was able to show the jury that our client was not responsible and he saved us thousands of dollars in the end”. MB Los Angeles

    Plaintiff testimonial

    “Dr Wrotslavsky gave a deposition that allowed us to settle the case for the amount we were asking for”. SL Las Vegas

    Jury quotes as told to myself by lawyers after courtroom testimonial

    “Dr Wrotslavsky was a much more credible witness than the other side”

    “Dr Wrotslavsky explained the medical parts of the case is a clear fashion that a person who is not a doctor could understand, i was able to make a better decision because of him”