Charcot Foot And Ankle Update

    Charcot Foot And Ankle Update, San Diego charcot foot specialist

    Charcot neuroarthropathy of the foot and ankle may be the most devastating disease of the foot. However the treatment options keep getting more promising. I just returned from Dallas, Texas where I was a lecturer and on the faculty of a Charcot solutions seminar. That was given for many surgeons that treat Charcot. The challenges are many but there is much promise ahead. I will now share with you some of the insights that the leading charcot surgeons in the United States had.

    Charcot foot

    I had the privilege to be on the faculty in this course along with Dr Gerard Cush, Dr Scott Denisar, Dr William P Grant and Dr Guido Laporta. These respected surgeons along with myself have published and created many surgical procedures specific to preventing the diabetic charcot foot and ankle from getting amputated.

    Playing for all the chips, Charcot of the ankle has a very high incidence of amputation.  Charcot of the ankle should be considered a medical emergency. There are now advanced treatments in preventing joint dislocation and deformity because of charcot ankle with distracting out the joint and maintaining the correct position. If not treated as soon as possible ones chance for amputation significantly goes up.

    Consider intranasal calcitonin for Charcot. Once Charcot is diagnosed Intranasal calcitonin  can be very effective in normalizing the charcot process.

    Limb salvage for Charcot shows it is cost effective and is successful 75-90 percent of the time. Unfortunately there are many physicians that are misinformed about charcot surgery and it’s successful outcomes. Charcot foot surgery , when performed by a surgeon with much experience in charcot disease can be successful . Make sure to ask your surgeon how many of these have you done and show me the before and after pictures.

    Bottom line, if you have a red hot swollen foot , come in immediately for care.  It Could be Diabetic Charcot foot , the clock is ticking. ( One can be affected by charcot foot even without diabetes- so do not dismiss a red hot swollen foot). So if you need a San Diego charcot foot specialist you have come to the right place , please call for an appointment now.

    Charcot Foot And Ankle Update