Early Detection Of Charcot Foot

    Early detection of charcot foot has been something that has been vexing doctors for a long time. Charcot foot usually presents as a warm swollen foot. The patient feels as if they may have sprained a ligament . They are not feeling sick. Most doctors when presented with a red hot foot think infection , and the patient gets started on antibiotics. Antibiotics do not do anything for charcot foot.

    Charcot foot

    Charcot foot

    The charcot foot and ankle MUST be immobilized and put in a position where no weight can be put on it. One can have a total contact cast applied or an external fixator put on in order to prevent further breakdown of the foot or ankle. On a cellular level there is a lot happening where there is resorption of bone and weakening of ligaments. At this time there are no accepted blood tests or x rays that can confirm whether one is undergoing a charcot process. I am on a committee that consists of a group of international surgeons that treat charcot, there was a consensus that diagnosis of this condition is based on doctor expertise. To often doctors are unwilling to admit they do not know what is going on with the patient and they fail to refer out the patient to someone who is knowledgeable in charcot foot.  by then it can be too late . the foot will lose its structure, then you are left with a large deformity.  These large foot deformities result in extra pressures from displaced bones. Then the patient will require a different type of surgery to correct the deformity and get rid of any current infections.

    A common story that I deal with  is a patient will come in with a wound on the bottom of the foot and they will say the foot gave out a few months ago and then they developed a wound. X rays will show a big deformity. Good news is that with special surgical procedures available these conditions can be fixed.

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