Charcot Foot Treatment


    Charcot foot requires expert treatment from surgeons that have experience treating this condition. When one is diagnosed with Charcot foot they should seek out a doctor that can show them how many of these they treated successfully. One with Charcot foot or ankle is at a high risk for loss of limb due to many factors associated with the disease. We have developed techniques that allow for accurate and reproducible treatments to save a limb diagnosed with charcot foot.

    When one is told as part of their Charcot foot treatment that they need to live in a boot (sometimes known as a CROW boot), this is helpful to prevent wounds. However this treatment does not correct the deformity associated with the disease. Unless one corrects the deformity one is always at risk to develop the ulcer and lose the leg.

    There have been many advancements in treating charcot foot deformities. Dr Wrotslavsky lectures nationally and internationally regarding proper treatment and techniques . We are able to use computer models to analyze the deformity and slowly correct the deformity. This puts much less stress on the nerves and arteries and veins in the area. Through these and other methods we can put one in a much better position to prevent amputation in charcot foot.

    If you have a foot wound and it is taking too long to heal , come in for another opinion today. Many of these wounds have other underlying issues that once addressed will get rid of the wound .

    charcot foot
    Charcot foot