Ankle Sprains

    Sprained ankle, how about if you sprain your ankle multiple times a year. Are you one of the millions of people that suffer with multiple ankle sprains and chronic ankle instability. Do you wonder why whenever you are about to go out on a hike you are afraid to roll the ankle. Many ankle sprains and other ankle injuries can get better on their own or with physical therapy. There are times you will need a brace to stabilize the ankle. Unfortunately there are people out there that have not gotten relief from those methods and continue to roll their ankle. I have developed advances in surgical stabilization of the ankle via a minimal incision approach. This allows for the patient to recover faster and easier.

    It is vital for a patient to have the proper workup to evaluate the extent of the ligament damage. Ankle Range of motion, inversion , eversion , anterior draw sign are important parts of the physical exam. Radio graphic exams should include the typical 3 views of the ankle but should also include a stress inversion view. The stress inversion view can be better than an MRI. As it can tell you if the ligament is functioning. Just because an MRI says the ligament is intact it does not mean that it works. In a stress inversion view the tibio talar joint should not make an angle of greater the 5-7 degrees.

    31 degrees tibio talar opening ankle stress inversion X ray
    Ankle stress inversion view

    Here at the Advanced Foot And Ankle Center Of San Diego we have developed surgical techniques that fix the issue using grafts that stabilize the ankle and allows for full function. Most importantly we use minimally invasive approaches that allows for quicker recovery.

    Ankle Stabilization surgery

    If you are suffering with multiple ankle sprains or ankle instability , make an appointment today. We treat anyone from professional athletes to your weekend warrior.