Heel Pain in Children

    Heel pain in children can be a frustrating event for parents and their children alike. Typically heel pain in children

    heel pain in children

    calcaneal apophysitis

    will arise in nine to thirteen year old’s. I find it to be more prevalent in boys than in girls, but don’t dismiss it in girls. Many times i will have a parent present with their child  saying that he or she is very active in soccer or running or basket ball and their heel is hurting and they can not play anymore. It can come to the point where your child with heel pain is hobbling around.  Heel pain in children can arise from a few different causes. many times a tight Achilles tendon or an ankle equinus can bring about a over pull on the attachment to the heel bone otherwise known as the Calcaneus. This shortening of the achilles tendon then can cause an inflammation of the growth pate in the heel bone. This is known as Sever’s disease or Calcaneal apophysitis. The good news is that heel pain in children is easily treatable. Other reasons from a biomechanical standpoint that can cause this is excessive pronation which can cause a cascade effect along with a tight heel cord.

    So you are now asking how do you treat heel pain in children. It is very important to come in to a podiatrist with experience in pediatric feet in order to evaluate this. A thorough lower extremity physical exam and biomechanical exam is very important. As well as an x -ray to rule out unusual things that may not be obvious in an exam. There can be the odd stress fracture or even a tumor growth in the heel causing the pain. That is why we dont internet diagnose ourselves and especially our children.

    Heel pain in children can many times be solved with custom molded orthotics made by a podiatrist with experience in these issues. Stretching and physical therapy can play an important part to the treatment regimen as well. So make an appointment today if you or your child has heel pain so we can get you back to your activities.

    calcaneal apophysitis heel pain in children


    heel pain in children

    Severs disease