Toy Injuries

    Toy injuries are always a worry for parents. As the holiday season is upon us and we are looking for safe toys for our children a new study has been published warning of the dangers of Scooters. The popular scooter by Razor and other types have been implicated in increased visits to the emergency room. Also called kick scooters children can be at risks for falls fractures and lacerations. Other toy injuries such as with bikes and skateboards need to be considered. Always wear a safety helmet and elbow and knee pads. Many ankle sprains and ankle fractures I have treated from falls off skateboards. Its important to have fun and be active but a fine balance between fun and reckless needs to be attained.

    In our practice we also see allot of ankle and foot and lower leg injuries from trampoline jumping. Trampoline safety must be practiced of severe injuries can occur. I have seen tibia fractures and ankle fractures from these. In a child where the growth plates are still open a fracture and lead to a shortened limb or even a deformed limb due to a premature closing of the growth plate. Toy injuries are not just limited to a play gun projectile to the face. The scooter injuries showed that there were fractures but also many lacerations that needed to be sutured up. A lacerated foot ankle or leg that is not properly  cared for can get infected. due to the rise in MRSA infections one must be very careful to have a laceration of your foot properly cared for by a podiatrist. Sometimes antibiotics need to be started and in some cases surgery is necessary to wash out the wound.

    In summary there is some new data about toy injuries that is available regarding scooters and other toys. This is not to say at all keep your children in a bubble to protect them, being active is a very important part of growing up, and cuts and bruises are normal. It is much worse to be inactive and become overweight thus putting your child at risk for diabetes and heart disease. The point is just to educate your children on responsible fun activities to try to prevent an injury. Or if an injury occurs not to take it lightly  and have it treated right away.