Orpyx Orthotics Help Prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers from Recurring

    There are over 136 million people in North American that have diabetes or are pre-diabetic. If you are reading this, odds are you are one of them. When you have diabetes there are a lot of things going on that you must watch for. Many people with diabetes, about 70%, have a condition called neuropathy, which means you can’t feel your feet. When you can’t feel pain in your feet it means you can’t feel when there is an issue, like a rock in your shoe, laces tied too tight or too much pressure being placed on the bottoms of your feet. These situations can quickly develop into wounds, which if not managed appropriately can last for years and in the worse cases end up with an amputation. Orpyx orthotics can help prevent diabetic foot ulcers from recurring.

    Somewhere in the world, a leg is lost to diabetes every 30 seconds, but the good news is 85% of the time this can be prevented with proper care. FINALLY, a solution!

    Recently a new technology from Orpyx® Medical Technologies caught my attention. It is a sensory custom orthotic system that monitors movement, pressure, and temperature on the bottom of your feet. It provides real-time alerts and offloading instructions when sustained, high-pressure levels occur. This is all done through a mobile app that is downloaded to a smartphone or through a display device provided by the company. You and your healthcare provider can use this information to help prevent these wounds from recurring and keep your feet healthy. In fact, a study was recently published with people that had diabetes, neuropathy, and at least one wound in the past twelve months. During the 18 months of the study, these patients saw an 86% reduction in the diabetic foot ulcer reopening using the Orpyx® SI technology.

    The best treatment plan for diabetic foot ulcers is to prevent them from happening. Orpyx SI sensory insole ( custom-molded orthotics) system is one way to help keep your feet healthy. Check them out! Orpyx custom-molded orthotics can help prevent diabetic foot ulcers from recurring.

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