Gout attack in the big toe. That is what no one wants to feel. It can get so painful that even when your bed sheets touch your foot the pain is unbearable. Do not ignore the symptoms of big toe pain. If left alone one can end up with severe joint damage . There are many treatments available for the pain. From oral medications to injections. Today with medicines such as krystexxa and sprix one can control the gout symptoms and pain.There are times when surgery is necessary . That can happen when the gout develops into joint arthritis and the to can not move anymore. The disease process is a buildup of crystals do to excessive uric acid build up. Through diet and watching lifestyle habits one can prevent the flare ups. However there are times that the buildup of the crystals or gouty tophi get to be so great that surgery is necessary to remove them. An X ray can be very helpful along with blood work to evaluate the extent of the gout. Many times as in the picture above one can see there looks like a growth on the foot. That is a buildup of the gouty tophi crystals. I have seen patients that the crystals pop out and start draining and a big wound is created on the foot. Do not hesitate to come in if you have big toe pain.