Bunion Surgery

    Bunion surgery results before and after surgery
    Before and After Bunion Surgery

    Bunions are not pleasant to say the least. First you have the painful bump that bothers you after a day of walking around. Then there is the issue of finding proper fitting shoes. Lastly there are the mechanical issues including a stiff joint and over lapping or under lapping of the second toe. There are many treatment options available. Non surgical ones include wider shoes and anti inflammatory medications. There are times when one gets so frustrated with their bunions that surgery becomes necessary. Here at the Advanced Foot And Ankle Center of San Diego we use techniques that make the recovery very easy. Many procedures today allow for immediate weight bearing. So no more ” you need to be off your feet for 12 weeks”. Also we offer minimal incision approaches that there is virtually no visible scar. As you can see from the picture on the right there is no visible incision, the big toe is not riding on the second toe and lastly that pesky bump is gone. Using our advanced techniques we are able to minimize post operative pain, this is very exciting for patients that have had painful surgeries in the past. I have had many patients come in that have had bunion surgery elsewhere and wanted to have the other foot done at our center, time after time they have told me that the pain was much less at our institution.

    Hallux Varus
    Hallux Varus

    Very often I will have people that come in that have failed bunion surgeries from other institutions. The above picture is a from another surgeon that had a complication with her bunion surgery. The surgeon over corrected the bunion and created the varus deformity that you see in the picture. We experts in performing revisions of non unions and Hallux Varus complications. Many of my patients come to me with failed foot surgeries from elsewhere that need revision surgery.

    We also have 3-D bunion correction available. With the Lapiplasty procedure we are able to get the most accurate correction possible. This is a big breakthrough in bunion surgery.

    If you have a bunion and have been told that surgery will entail too long of a recovery or is too painful come in for an evaluation today.