Jones Fracture

    Jones fracture

    Oh no ,it happened. You stepped off the curb or was playing ball and “OUCH” you felt a snap or pop on the outside of your foot. The next morning your foot is swollen and purple. You can not put any weight on the foot. At your visit it is important for the doctor to differentiate between a tendon and ligament tear or a bone fracture. X rays can tell you if it is broken .

    As you can see above the fracture on the right and the healed fracture on the left with the screw. This fracture is known as a jones fracture. Jones fractures are fractures of the fifth metatarsal bone. It is in a location of the bone that has poor circulation , thus it has a lesser chance of healing. these fractures need to be taken seriously, if left untreated it can cause permanent pain in the foot and potential permanent disability. Jones fractures can happen to anyone. Many diabetics can get them and not even know that they have a fracture because of a loss of sensation in the feet. If you are diabetic and you have a sudden increase in swelling always go see your doctor immediately.

    Don’t delay one must take foot pain and foot injuries very seriously. It is good to know that even old non healed fractures and injuries of the foot and ankle have the potential to heal with the proper intervention. Come in today to be evaluated. Do not worry , not all patients need surgery. Jones fracture surgery if necessary can be done through a tiny minimal incision approach and if all goes smooth one can be walking on it before they know it. There are devices such as bone simulators and amniotic injections that can help heal as well. Lets get you pain free today.